Privacy Policy

This is privacy policy of this blog.

1. About the referral of Uber Eats delivery partner

Your profile Uber informs us

If you create a Uber Eats partner account from our invite, your name will be sent to us.

Example: Mary Smith has signed up.

Also, because you’re invited as our "friend", we can access to following informations of you.
- Registered email address
- Registered phone number

That's all information referrer can access.

In addition, since your email address and your phone number are not displayed unless we try to see, we will not try to access it. We will neither copy nor publish it to the outside.

▷ Reference (Official WEB site): About referrals - UBER Help

2. How we deal with personal information

2-1. Information we receive when you send a request for invite or contact us

We treat with your email addresses on Google Docs. To access the account, unique and complicated password is required and it's managed offline.

All your information we got is managed on Google Docs and never be moved outside or publish.

2-2. Information of those who signed up with Uber Eats delivery partner via our invite

Information of the person who signed up via our invite (your full name, email address and phone number) can not be viewed unless referrer log in to his UBER partner account. Referrer will use the information only for handover of additional bonus and nothing else will be used. Also referrer will not copy or publish it to the outside at all.

In addition, the login password to UBER partner account is unique and complicated.

If you are aware of that, please sign up from the following page.
(However, referral award do not apply)

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